Internet Empowerment Resolution

The following resolution was passed by Community Board 3, Queens,

the City of New York, on April 19, 2001.


Domain Names: Every computer on the Internet has a telephone-like number, e.g., And if you want, you can give it a name like,, or These Internet names or "Domain Names" provide a friendly face to the underlying complexity. That is, instead of

The Domain Name System (DNS): The domain name system (DNS) is a set of rules, set in computer software, that translates Internet names, e.g.,, into the Internet numbers. It determines the size and appearance of the names that can be used on the World Wide Web.

Top Level Domains (TLD): .COM, .GOV, .EDU, .ORG, .NET, .MIL, and soon .NYC


For a people to be independent and self-governing, they must control the basic communication tools of the society they inhabit.

As we enter a time where most person-to-person, person-to-group, business, and government communication takes place over the Internet, an independent, vibrant, self-governing community must control the fundamental elements of that communication network. Domain names are a key part of that control.

In 1984, a contractor working on an experimental communications project for the U.S. Defense Department, created several top level domains (called TLDs) to help differentiate distinct Internet uses. Six names were issued:

Additionally, beginning in 1984 "country codes" have been issued for use by nation-states, e.g., .US for the United States, .CA for Canada, .UK for the United Kingdom, .RU for Russia…

If we can gain control of the .NYC domain for the residents of New York City, we will be Internet empowered, and receive benefits like:

The .NYC domain will enable us to shape our existence using domain names like:

Additionally, having a Top Level Domain name for our city will put us on par with other global cities that have Top Level Domain names: Singapore (.SG), Hong Kong (.HK), the Vatican (.VA), and Los Angeles (.LA) – note: Los Angeles uses the domain name originally issued to Laos.


Having a .NYC TLD will make our community more governable, provide opportunities for small businesses, raise city revenue, and make navigating the Internet easier for our residents, prospective tourists, and businesses.

Therefore, we recommend that the U.S. Department of Commerce facilitate granting the .NYC Top Level Domain to the city of New York’s Commission on Public Information & Communication or another broad based public interest organization.

Copies of this resolution are to be sent to our city, state, and federal elected officials.