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Other Community Organizations

Active Groups in Queens Community District 3

The following are a few of the civic and community organizations active in Queens Community District 3. The descriptions were provided by the respective organizations, with minor editing performed to meet space and formatting requirements. We invite other organizations to join this listing.

  • 115th Precinct Community Council
  • Ditmars Boulevard Block Association
The association's focus is on the northern portion of the community surrounding Flushing Bay.
  • Jackson Heights Action Group
The Jackson Heights Action Group is a non-profit organization founded 29 years ago as a vehicle for neighborhood residents and small business people of Jackson Heights, Corona, and East Elmhurst to work together and assist individuals in need, regardless of their origin, creed, sex, color, or nationality.

The Jackson Height Action Group believes that the best way to help ourselves is by helping others. For many years the Action Group has been doing everything possible to integrate new immigrants into the main stream of the American life, by offering them programs free of charge.

IMMIGRATION – The J.H.A.G. provides guidance and referral. It has successfully worked out permanent residence (Green Card) and working permits for immigrants. HEALTH CARE – The J.H.A.G. assist persons lacking medical insurance to be treated by health care funded by the federal Government.


EDUCATION: ENGLISH, SPANISH, SKILLS TRAINIG SPORTS – The J.H..A.G. provides basket ball and soccer programs. Youth from 12 to 21 are always welcome. Mgr Raymond W. Kutner of the Blessed Sacrament Church has been a great supporter of our programs by facilitating the gym, auditorium, etc. The 115th Precinct and 115th Precinct Community Council have provided the opportunity to use their facilities for events such as the Medal ceremony. Thanks again Mgr. Kutner.

CHARITY – In the land of plenty there is a lot of poverty and of course starving people. J.H.A.G. has its own program to assist abandon persons, sick, and unemployed. It also joins with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Blessed Sacrament Church to improve aid to the poor.

GRAFFITI - The J.H.A.G. has been actively attacking this vandalism for 15 years with clean-ups twice, sometimes three per week. Roosevelt Avenue between 82nd Street and Junction Blvd is one of our priorities. Once a year since 1999 the J.H.A.G. has removed graffiti at both sides of the avenue, door to door, every store front . We recruits and selects High School and College boys and girls to fight the graffiti eyesore. The program rewards them with stipends for work done to beautify our community. Thanks to Assemblyman Ivan Lafayette and John Ferreiras President Merchants Junction Blvd.

CIVILIAN OBSERVATION PATROL - The J.H.A.G. has been a leader in providing safety to residents of the community, in particular elderly citizens and children. Our police experience came along with years of voluntary service, first with the 110th, then since its opening, with the 115th precinct. The group improved its technique and knowledge by attending the Citizens Police Academy. The Action Group's Civilian Patrol has been recognized several times for outstanding service to the community by City Council Member J. Lisa, Mayor Dinkins, Commissioner Lee Brown, Mayor R Giuliani and Commissioners W. Bratton, Howard Safir, Yolanda Jimenez, Bernard Kerik, Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner R. Kelly, and District Attorney Richard Brown . J.H.A.G. has been the Citizens For New York Drug and Crime Prevention Award Winner since 1998 to 2003. At the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan black-tie dinner ceremony it received the Osborn Elliot Community Leadership award.

J.H.A.G. believes in LAW and ORDER. We are here to offer help and assistance to everyone, BUT if involved in a criminal activity WE are not with you regardless.

Board of Directors: Ralph Moreno, President. Gregorio Vazquez, Vice President. Catina Elefther, Secretary. Alicia Chan, Corresponding Secretary. Carlos Giusti, Treasurer. Angelina Di Stefano, Tereza Adames, Rosie Katz, Potula Manos, Carlos Diaz, Members at Large.

The Action Group can reached through P.O. Box 853, Jackson Hts., NY, 11372.
  • Jackson Heights Garden City Society, Inc. (GCS)
The GCS is the historical society for the garden city of Jackson Heights. It was founded and licensed in New York State in 1996 by historians and activists. The Society:
  • Collects artifacts, photos, and materials related to the history of Jackson Heights. The Society welcomes donations of such materials for its archive. (To discuss a donation call GCS president Jeffrey Saunders at 718 507 2232.)
  • Conducts original research, interprets, and puts local history into context.
  • Educates the public through periodic programs and lectures.
  • Represents Jackson Heights at NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission hearings and to county, city, state, federal government agencies, and to international institutions.
The Garden City Trail, a major GCS project, explains and interprets to residents and visitors what matters here and why. It is the only historic trail in New York with each sign individually authored for its specific location.

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