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About Committees & Committee Membership

Community Boards are mandated by the City Charter to meet at least once a month - except during July and August. Much of the monthly meeting time is dedicated to reviewing and acting upon the work of the Board’s committees. It is at the committee level that the bulk of the Community Board's work is done.

Queens Community Board 3 has 18 committees.
  • Airport - Monitors noise, air and water pollution from LaGuardia Airport, and automobile and mass transit access issues.
  • Business/Economic Development - Serves as a conduit between the board, business community, and city agencies. Assist in the development of Business Improvement Districts.
  • Capital & Expense Budgets - Develops a proposed capital and expense budget priorities listing for presentation to the board at its October meeting.
  • Education - Develops needs assessments and monitors education services.
  • Environment / Sanitation - Develops needs assessments, monitors sanitation services, noise and air pollution, sewer and catch basin maintenance, and sludge management.
  • Executive - Creates agenda for monthly plenary meeting.

  • Flushing Bay - Promotes the cleanup and maintenance of Flushing Bay.
  • Health & Social Services - Develops needs assessments and monitors delivery of health services.
  • Housing - Develops needs assessments, monitors NPP programs, and services related to code enforcement.
  • Immigration Affairs - The Immigration Affairs Committee meets to discuss the numerous issues that affect the many immigrant populations who reside in the community.
  • Landmarks - Monitors landmarks preservation program in district.
  • Land Use Review - Monitors zoning and variances.

  • Parks/Recreation/Cultural Affairs - Develops needs assessments and monitors park services.
  • Personnel & Budget - Develops internal budget and oversees staff.
  • Public Safety - Develops needs assessments and monitors service delivery by police and fire departments.

  • Traffic & Transportation - Develops needs assessments and monitors quality of roads, bus routes, and subways.
  • Website Advisory & Social Media - Recommends content for website and social media outreach.
  • Youth Services Planning - Develops needs assessments and monitors youth programs.
Committee Membership

Board Members - Each Board member is typically a member of two, but not more than four committees. Committee Chairs are chosen by the Board's Chair.

Community Board 3 has 18 standing committees. A Board member must chair each committee.

Public Members - The City Charter allows community residents to participate on Board committees. To join a committee a resident should write to the Board Chair requesting membership on a particular committee. The Board's Chair appoints such members after consultation with the committee chairperson. Public members may vote at committee meetings, with their votes are tallied and reported separately.

Public members provide an opportunity to draw upon additional expertise and manpower that exists in the community. It is also a method for recruiting potential Board members.

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